Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attention! New Post Arriving Soon

Hey one and all!

You'll notice that I haven't posted in a while. Well, that's because nothing major has really happened up until this past weekend. Mainly it was just going to work, being on the train for ever and generally having a good time hanging out with Kim. But, because this past week was Memorial day, I have new stuff to share with one and all! Why was this weekend so important you ask? Well, my good friends Ashley, Cami, and Kyle came out a visited me for five days! It was really fun. As soon as I get a decent amount of time I'm going to post a nice long post detailing what we did, and it'll even have photos! I will also be making a special post after that because tomorrow I get to got to Sex and the City Premier Party hosted by TV Guide because my friend Alison who works as a Media Planner at Maxis got tickets! It'll be at Mr. Big's bar and I've never watched the show a day in my life, it should be really fun. Hey, I might even see someone famous!

Anyway, kept checking because I'll be posting a lot soon.