Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why In The World is Brittany Blogging...

So if you're reading this now you must have noticed that for some odd reason I decided to start my own little blog. You also must be asking yourself one very important question: "Why in the world is Brittany starting a blog?" Well the answer is actually very simple: I got bored. Yep, as usual, most everything I do online starts off because I got bored one afternoon. So for your reading/viewing pleasure, you have been given the website, outside of Facebook, that gives you an intimate look into the life of Brittany Barrington.

For my first official post, I figured the best thing to do would be to explain why the blog is called what it is. So here's a little story for you all.

The name "Bernie the Wise" comes from my sophomore year at BYU. It was the first weekend of the fall semester and my roommates and I decided that we needed to be social and go meet the people who were going to be in our ward for the year. Some of the boys had decided that they would throw an "unofficial" opening social for the ward, which basically ended up being the entire ward crammed into the front rooms of two apartments on Condo Row. Now, if you're not familiar with Condo Row in Provo, let me give you a hand. Condo Row is a street full of cookie cutter apartment buildings that are relatively well kept. Some are privately own, while most are managed by own big company. They're designed to house four students comfortably. The only problem is that their front rooms aren't really that big. So imagine about 150 BYU students cramming themselves into two small rooms and a hallway. Not the most comfortable of settings if you haven't guessed. Besides the fact that we were all crammed in there, it was a little hard to hear whoever you were talking to because of all the people. We had been there for a while, and I was talking to various people, feeling incredible uncomfortable as I usually do in really crowded settings like that, and I started talking to a girl named Stephanie. I was trying to introduce myself to her, saying "My name's Brittany" as loud as I could so she could hear me. Obviously I didn't say it clear enough though because her reply was "Bernie? That's an interesting name." Realizing the mix up, I correct the mistake and end up thinking nothing of it the rest of the time we were there.

After a while, my roommates and I got tired of being stuck in such small quarters and introducing ourselves time and time again just to have people forget it two seconds later, so we decided to head home. While we were walking back, we were talking about the various people we met. Having forgotten for the most part the name incident, my roommate Laura, who had been with me at the time, decided to share the story. For some reason beyond me, it became the funniest part of the evening, and that's what they started calling me.

The name grew some weeks later when I became "The Wise One". It's not that I'm incredibly smart or anything, it's just that I tend to look for the easiest way to do things. After all, I like to believe in the "work smarter, not harder" mentality. I would every now and then give suggestions to my roommates on doing something another way, which would save them time. I think it might have been Caitlin who first called me "Bernie the Wise" but I can't be 100% sure. So anyway, ever since my sophomore year, I've been known as Bernie to my friends here in Provo.

The really interesting part of the story, at least for me, is that the girl that first called me "Bernie" ended up being a visiting teachee for two of my roommates and one of my FHE sisters that year. So not only was I Bernie to my roommates, but also to my FHE group that year. It still amazes me how much my inability to say my own name came into play with my college nickname.

So there you go, folks! That's why I'm Bernie the Wise. When I created this blog, it just felt like a significant choice to go with because I'm about to leave college soon. Hope you enjoyed the story, and look out for other ramblings in the future.