Saturday, May 2, 2009

Who the heck is "Mine That Bird"!?

So how lame is this. I wake up this morning to learn my Derby pick scratched out because of a hurt left ankle.(Random side note, that's the same foot I rolled last week on the way to work.) I had picked my horse, "I Want Revenge", a week ago so I could make sure I had a decent horse for the Derby. So I called up my parents' house, and picked a new one, "Desert Party", which although it didn't have great odds, it should have done reasonable well. But then, as I'm sitting here in my apartment, eating Derby pie and drinking virgin Mint Juleps with some friends, not only does my horse lose, which really was fine by me, but some random long shot named "Mine That Bird" comes out of nowhere and wins. This horse was like a 50-1 chance of winning, or something like that. Oh well, Derby always gives us surprises.

My money is on that "Bird" doesn't make it through the full Triple Crown.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fun with YouTube

So, I'm sitting here at my desk at work, waiting for some of my reports to come back, pretty much bored. I decide to pull up Youtube and see what they have as the featured videos of the day and what do I find? Well this wonderfully awesome documentary on the Italian Renaissance and the Medici family. I watched this in my Italian Renaissance Art History class at BYU. It's a really good documentary and if you have time, you should watch it. Enjoy!

or go to THIS link.

This is only the first part of the documentary. It's a several episode miniseries actually. Use the like to watch later episodes.